Popa Langur


  • Recently, the scientists have identified ‘Popa Langur’ from the forests of central Myanmar.

About Popa Langur

  • It is newly discovered species of primate.Popa Langur
  • It is a lithe tree-dweller with a mask-like face framed by a shock of unruly grey hair.
  • It is named after an extinct volcano Mount Popa which is home to its largest population.
  • It is critically endangered with numbers down to about 200 individuals as per IUCN.
  • Trachypithecus popa or T. popa, has a grey-brownish and white belly, with black hands and wrists that look a bit like gloves.

Back to basics

Mount Popa

  • It is an extinct volcano which is 1518 metres above sea level.
  • It is located in central Myanmar in the region of Mandalay.
  • The name Popa is believed to come from the Pali/Sanskrit word puppha meaning flower.
  • The main edifice of the volcano is composed of basalt and basaltic andesite lava flows, along with pyroclastic deposits and scoriaceous material.
  • It is the headquarters of Myanmar’s most powerful Nats and four of the Buddhist spirits worshiped by the Burmese are considered to have their home here.

Source: The Hindu

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