Prelims-2016 (Geography Session)-Lakes in India

Major Lakes in India

Lakes in India – Part 1

Wular Lake
  • kashmir – India’s largest freshwater lake
  • Formed by tectonic forces
  • Forms Delta with river Jhelum
  • Tulbul project
Dal Lake
  • kashmir – freshwater lake
  • Srinagar is located along its coast
  • Contains Char Chinar & Nami islands
Mansar Lake
  • Jammu – katra highway – freshwater lake
  • Natural lake used mainly for fishing
Naini LakeUttarakhand  – freshwater lake
Sambhar Lake
  • Rajasthan – most saline lake of India
  • Listed in Ramsar as a wetland of international importance
Pushkar LakeAjmer (Rajasthan), a freshwater lake
Panchprada LakeBadmer (rajasthan), a saline lake
Dhebar Lake
  • Rajasthan – Largest artificial lake of India
  • Also known as Jaisamand Lake
  • Built in 17th century, a freshwater lake
Rajsamad Lake
  • Rajsamad (Rajasthan) –freshwater lake
  • Created in 17th centuary by damming the water of Gomti, Kelva & Tali rivers
  • Home of two islands
Nakki Lake
  • A bowl shape lake, located in Mt. Abu (Rajasthan)
  • Probably volcanic
Nal Sarovar Lake
  • Saline water lake located in Gujrat
  • largest bird century of Gujrat
Nokrek Lake
  • Fresh water lake located in Maghalaya, famous for its Biodiversity
  • Nokrek National Park & Biosphere reserve
Loktak Lake
  • Manipur – Largest fresh water lake located in NE India
  • Floating island – Phundis

Lakes in India – Part 2

Bhoj Wetland
  • A highly polluted lake surrounded by city of Bhopal
  • Consists of 2 lakes viz. upper lake & lower lake
  • Biggest artificial lake of Ahmedabad
  • Built by Sultan Ahmed shah, whose name accounts for the name of the city Ahmedabad
LonarCrater lake, located at Maharashtra
  • Saline water lagoon located at Orissa
  • Siberian bird migrate here in winters
Usman Sagar
  • Artificial lake of Hyderabad, by creating a dam on river Musi
  • Created by Nizam Usman Khan in 1920
Kolleru Lake
  • Fresh water lake, Situated b/w deltas of Godavari & Krishna
  • A bird sanctuary & a wetland under Ramsar list
Pulicat Lake
  • Salt water lagoon located at the coast of Andhra Pradesh
  • Separated from the sea by Sriharikota island
  • A rainfed reservoir, located at Thanjavur in Chennai
  • Due to scanty rainfall for last few years, lake looks like a pond
VembanadKerala, a lagoon, famous for boat comptetion
AstamudiKerala, a lagoon, under Ramsar convention

Lakes in India – Part 3

Pangong Lake
  • Laddakh, b/w India & China (Tibet)
  • Nearby Chnagla Pass
Tsomoriri Lake
  • Largest high altitude lake, located at Ladakh
  • Tourists are not allowed boating in this lake
Chandra Tal
  • A high altitude lake, located at Lahaul & Spiti districts of Himachal nearby Kunzam Pass
  • Chandra river, a major tributary of Chenab originated from Chandra Tal
  • Declared as a wetland under Ramsar covention
Suraj Tal
  • Located below Baralacha pass at Lahaul & Spiti districts of Himachal
  • Remains frozen during the greater part of the year
Roop Kund
  • Mystry lake of uttarakhand
  • Also known as Skeleton lake
  • 672 Skeletons has been found in this shallow lake
Sukhna LakeChandigarh
Sat TalQuiet & calm group of 7 pristine lakes in lower Himalayan range situated near Bhimtal in Uttarakhand

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