Prelims-2018 GS Paper-1 Test Series-Mission-2018

All India General Studies Prelims Test Series 2018:                              Starting –July-2017

25 Tests
: 12 Fundamental + 13 Current Affairs Based (From June-2017-May-2018, IYB 2017,                            Economic Survey 2017-18 and Budget 2018-19)

            This time our Test Series has been redesigned for aspirants to understand the demands of UPSC exam and deal them effectively. The main objective of this Test Series is to evaluate candidates preparation level before the actual examination. The UPSC exam schedule is stretched for a long period stress is something that is bound to grip you during preparation for the exam. To overcome it you must indulge in fun activities with friends and family and also by following some active sport. This will keep you rooted through the tough times preparing for the IAS exam.

            Civil Services exam preparation is a continuous process and it is important to stay motivated all through the exam process. No one can stop you from achieving the goal of becoming an IAS officer, if you have the zest and the zeal do so, and you honestly prepare to for this coveted UPSC exam.


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