Prelims In Focus-Part-26

Prelims in Focus

Prelims in Focus, an IAS Abhiyan Initiative to quickly navigate through the important facts, current affairs, static portion to enrich aspirant’s knowledge base along with conceptual clarity. Our Prelims in Focus initiative will surely be an added advantage for UPSC Prelims Examinations. This initiative will help the aspirants to focus to the main points of a topic quickly at the same time. In this initiative, we will cover 10-15 important facts on a daily basis. Click here to Join our Telegram Channel to read these articles.  We will continue our Monthly Pre-Bits Flash Liner along with this initiative. 

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Prelims in Focus-Part-26

  1. According to the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019, stroke was ranked as the second most common causes of health loss or Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALYs) in the 50–74-year and 75-years-and-older age groups and posed a significant burden in the 25-49 years age group.

    ➖Stroke is one of the largest contributors to increasing health loss in India over the last 30 years.

  2. Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a major risk factor for stroke. A multi-centre observational study revealed that since AF related strokes are more severe, they result in higher treatment cost annually compared with non-AF related strokes in India.
  3. According to Women, Business and Law (WBL) 2020 report of World Bank, India commands the top score in South Asia

    ➖Among the BRICS countries, India’s score is only second to the last.

    Note: WBL study measures only the formal laws and regulations governing women’s ability to work or own businesses — a country’s norms and practices aren’t captured by the indicators.

  4. The Private Sector Alliance for the Empowerment and Progression of Women’s Economic Representation (EMPOWER), a forum constituted by G20
  5. According to Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD) 2019, Disability accounted for 21 per cent of the total disease burden in 1990. This has gone up to 34 per cent in 2019, or over 40 per cent in 20 years.
  6. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) is the nodal agency that specifically looked into the implementation of Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006
  7. The six new sites identified for possible lion relocation in the future include:

    ➖Madhav National Park, Madhya Pradesh

    ➖Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

    ➖Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

    ➖Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh

    ➖Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

    ➖Jessore-Balaram Ambaji WLS and adjoining landscape, Gujarat
    Note: The Centre and Gujarat government should relocate lions to Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh

  8. Climate Finance Shadow Report

    ➖ Published by Oxfam International

    ➖Offers an assessment of progress towards the $100bn goal

  9. Lemru Elephant Reserve
    ➖ Recently notified by Chhattisgarh

    ➖Notified the reserve under Section 36A of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 or WLPA.

    ➖Elephant reserves are not recognised under the WLPA.
    Note: An area can be declared a ‘conservation reserve’ under Section 36A. The management of a conservation reserve involves communities living in the area through the formation of the conservation reserve management committee. This is unlike other protected areas like national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, mentioned in the WLPA.

  10. ‘KAPILA’
    ➖Kalam Program for Intellectual Property Literacy and Awareness

    ➖Launched by Union Education Minister campaign on the 89th birth anniversary of former President and Scientist Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

    ➖Under this campaign, students pursuing education in higher educational institutions will get information about the correct system of application process for patenting their invention and they will be aware of their rights.

  11. Following its trading centres in Surat and Agra, the English East India Company became the first to set up a factory in Patna in 1620 as part of its expansion into the Gangetic plain.
  12. Francois Bernier, is a French traveller attached to the Mughal court of Emperor Aurangzeb
  13. The three major millet crops currently growing in India are jowar (sorghum), bajra (pearl millet) and ragi (finger millet).
  14. Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) data shows that bajra constituted nearly 46 per cent of the crop production as opposed to 13 per cent for rice in the kharif season.

    ➖Similarly, chickpea stood at 42 per cent for the rabi season against a measly 4.3 per cent for wheat.

  15. Near Earth Object (NEO), are comets and asteroids nudged by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets into orbits which allows them to enter the Earth’s neighbourhood.

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