President’s rule imposed in Jammu and Kashmir under A-92 of J&K constitution


  • President’s rule is imposed in Jammu & Kashmir after six months of the Governor’s rule.
  • According to Article 92 of the state’s Constitution, six months of Governor’s rule is compulsory under which all the legislature powers are vested with the Governor.
  • The Governor has to dissolve the Legislative Assembly after the tenure of six months is over and the state will directly come under the President’s rule for following six months during which elections have to be declared in the state.
  • In case the elections are not declared, President Rule will be can be extended by another six months.
  • According to the state’s Constitution, no Presidential proclamation shall remain in force for more than three years except for the intervention of Election Commission of India which has to certify that the continuance in force of the Proclamation is necessary on account of difficulties in holding general elections to the Legislative Assembly.


  • According to Indian Constitution, President’s Rule is the imposition of Article 356 of the India Constitution on a state (except J&K) which gets incapable of running the constitutional machinery.


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