The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules, 2017

These rules are sought to be lampooned on two main grounds.

  • First, that they are the product of a government with a divisive agenda that is trying to push the creed and beliefs of the majority down the throats of certain communities and classes.
  • Second, that the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 (PCA) have been used as a convenient peg to hang this devious attempt on. Since not only the devil but also clarity lies in details, let us examine these charges objectively.

It may be worthwhile to note some salient aspects.

  • These rules have been enacted under the power to make rules under the PCA;
  • second, they do not ban slaughter of cows or cattle; and these rules do not prevent anyone from eating beef.
  • The purpose of these rules was not some sinister plot to push through a communal agenda but merely to comply with directions of the Supreme Court in letter and spirit.
  • Further, as a matter of fact it was found that it is in the market that cruel practices like hot branding, cold branding, shearing, bishoping of horses, ear cutting in buffaloes, sealing teats of udder with adhesives, etc. actually happen.
  • We must remember that the harmony of our polity is a very fragile one.
  • Never in the history of the human race have people with such mind-boggling diversity of caste, creed, language, customs and culture agreed to come together as a nation and agreed to be bound by the promises offered by a secular and egalitarian Constitution.
  • If there be attempts to disturb this harmony, stern retaliation is in order.


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