Protected Areas in News: Narcondam Island Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Narcondam, India’s easternmost Island, is a small volcanicisland located in the northern Andaman Sea.
  • It was classified as a dormant volcanoby the Geological Survey of India.
  • Narcondam Island Wildlife Sanctuary is notified as a protected reserve by the government of India. It is also listed on the UNESCO’s tentative Lists of World Heritage Sites.
  • The island was notified as a sanctuary to protect and monitor the Narcondam hornbill.
  • Narcondam Island is almost entirely covered with Evergreen and Moist Deciduous forest.
  • The island is covered with Tropical Evergreen forest, Semievergreen forest, Moist Deciduous forest, Littoral forest and Mangrove forest.
  • Nicobar Flying Fox Pteropus faunulus and Narcondam Small Flying Fox Pteropus hypomelanus are the most common mammals on this island.

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