Push for law to ensure transparency rules

  • The Economic Survey has stressed that the ‘opaque mesh’ of regulations prevalent in India not only make life difficult for citizens who cannot feign ignorance of the rules as a valid defence, but also act as a magnet for corruption and endless litigation.
  • Thus, The Economic Survey has proposed Transparency of Rules Act (TORA), a legislation to end any asymmetry of information regarding rules and regulations faced by an average citizen.
  • The TORA is an attempt to change in some ways the relationship between the average normal citizen and the State.
  • All forms of governance are based on citizens being expected to follow the rules.
  • All laws will have to be updated by the department while providing access to history of the same webpage.
  • Once a department has shifted to the platform, it can be deemed “TORA compliant” and citizens can be sure that the information is authentic and updated.


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