Quick reaction surface-to-air missile

  • Indian defence scientists successfully conducted a full-fledged test of the indigenously developed Quick Reaction Surface-to-Air Missile (QRSAM) from the coast of Odisha.

About the Missile:

  • The missile is equipped with all-weather suitable weapon system.
  • The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed it in the class of the Surface-to-Air Akash weapon system and several versions have been produced by the public sector Bharat Dynamics Ltd (BDL).
  • The short range missile with capability to engage multiple targets has been jointly developed by the DRDO and public sector Bharat Electronics Ltd.
  • The missile was launched from ITR Chandipur, off the Odisha Coast.
  • All the technologies and subsystems incorporated in the missile have performed well, meeting all the mission requirements, the DRDO stated in a press release.
  • The QRSAM is the first of the indigenous, canister-based, high-speed missile.
  • The mobile air defence system has the ability to destroy targets like fighter jets, missiles of short range and cruise missiles.
  • It can engage targets from a range of 5 km to 30 km, say defence experts.
  • The uniqueness of the QRSAM is that the weapon system can be deployed in harsh environments, is easily transportable and can carry nuclear or biological payloads.
  • In addition it is equipped with night vision devices and a sophisticated navigation system that makes its `kill capability’ very high.

Source:The Hindu Business line

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