RBI launches 1st Global Hackathon HARBINGER 2021


  • Recently, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is organising its first global hackathon HARBINGER 2021 an “Innovation for Transformation” with the theme ‘Smarter Digital Payments’.

About RBI’s HARBINGER 2021

  • The Hackathon invites participants to identify and develop solutions that have the potential to make digital payments accessible to the under-served, enhance the ease of payments and user experience, while strengthening the security of digital payments and promoting customer protection. RBI Harbinger 2021: Winner Gets Rs 40 Lakh. Registration Date, Process, Eligibility
  • HARBINGER 2021 invites innovative ideas for the following problem statements in the payment and settlement systems landscape:
    • Innovative, easy-to-use, non-mobile digital payment solutions for converting small-ticket cash transactions to digital mode.
    • Context-based retail payments to remove the physical act of payment.
    • Alternate authentication mechanism for digital payments.
    • Social Media Analysis Monitoring tool for detection of digital payment fraud and disruption.
  • Being part of HARBINGER 2021 gives an opportunity to the participants to get mentored by industry experts and exhibit their innovative solutions before an eminent jury and win exciting prizes in each category.

Who Can Apply?

  • An entity or individuals who are of age eighteen years and above and are eligible to enter into a contractual agreement.
  • Anyone who possess a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or a product available on the market or ready to be rolled out in the market.
  • Anyone who has an element of innovation or novel application of technology serving common good.
  • Participants from all backgrounds and geographies are welcome, albeit knowledge about the Indian payment systems market and consumers is preferred. Participants should be open to form an incorporated entity in India if they are winners of the hackathon.

Source: RBI

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