Recognition of Products under Geographical Indications

  • 260 products have been registered as Geographical Indications (GIs) since 2003.
  • Geographical Indications are covered as an element of Intellectual Property Rights under the TRIPS Agreement.
  • The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property does not mention Geographical Indications; however, Appellations of Origin, which are a particular kind of Geographical Indications, are covered under the Paris Convention.
  • There is no Geographical Indication registered in the name of Bhut Jolokia green chillies.

A list of products from North Eastern States registered as Geographical Indications:

 S. No Geographical Indications Type of Goods (As per Sec 2 (f) of GI  Act 1999 ) State
1 Muga Silk of Assam Handicraft Assam
2 Naga Mircha Agricultural Nagaland
3 Assam (Orthodox) Agricultural Assam
4 Shaphee Lanphee Textile Manipur
5 Wangkhei Phee Textile Manipur
6 Moirang Phee Textile Manipur
7 Naga Tree Tomato Agricultural Nagaland
8 Arunachal Orange Agricultural Arunachal Pradesh
9 Sikkim Large Cardamom Agricultural Sikkim
10 Mizo Chilli Agricultural Mizoram
11 Assam Karbi Anglong Ginger Agricultural Assam
12 Tripura Queen Pineapple Agricultural Tripura
13 Tezpur Litchi Agricultural Assam
14 Khasi Mandarin Agricultural Meghalaya
15 Kachai Lemon Agricultural Manipur
16 Memong Narang Agricultural Meghalaya


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