How rhizomes pass through farm to reach our kitchen

  • Turmeric is picked, cleaned, boiled, dried and polished before it is transported
  • It has a pungent, slightly bitter flavour and is used as the main ingredient in curries besides being a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb.

  • Related to ginger, turmeric is a kitchen spice in use for food and medicine for ages.

  • Andhra Pradesh is the leading state in producing turmeric followed by Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Kerala and Bihar.

  • The humble journey of this fine yellow power begins in the fields where well developed or split mother rhizomes are used for planting and treated before storing.

  • “The crop needs to be mulched immediately with green leaves or sugarcane trash.

  • Depending on the variety, the crop is ready for harvest in seven to nine months.

  • The land is ploughed and the rhizomes are gathered by hand picking or the clumps are carefully lifted with a spade.


Source: The Hindu

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