Right to Privacy

Fodder Points for Mains:

  • India lacks such an institutional mechanism. An explicit law on privacy would be the place to create one.

  • The law is required not only in relation to the state but also vis-à-vis commercial entities, which collect tonnes of personal data.

  • Absence of a law that calls for protection of the data they collect and for its benign use is not so much a void as a pit full of unknown menace.

  • India needs a privacy law not just to hold harm at bay but also to benefit from the world’s personal data, to corner a chunk of the huge, emerging data processing business.

  • Personal data from other countries will not flow to India to be processed here, if India does not have a specific law on data protection and if the law is not in line with similar laws in the countries from where the data comes.

  • Artificial intelligence depends on self-learning algorithms applied to reams of data.

  • If India is to be a vibrant member of the world of knowledge, it must have the capacity to handle zetta bytes of data and laws to protect them.

  • Time we focused on this, moving on from an existential debate on the right to privacy.

Source:Economic Times

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