Satellites Designed for Benefit of Farmers

  • The satellite-enabled services in conjunction with ground data, to support farmers in India include weather forecasting, agro-advisory, agromet services, soil moisture and agricultural extension activities to support farming operations in the country by India Meteorology Department (IMD), Ministry of Earth Sciences.

Also, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) collaborates with Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare on various applications using satellite data and geospatial technology in agriculture sector, which include –

(i) horticultural crop inventory and site suitability for expansion in under-utilised areas,

(ii) crop assessment using medium and high resolution satellite data,

(iii) field data collection with field photos using mobile App,

(iv) crop cutting experiments based on satellite derived crop vigor information.

Earlier, ISRO had transferred the technology to Department of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmer’s Welfare for

(i) Forecasting Agricultural Output using Space, Agro-meteorology and Land based observations (FASAL) and

(ii) National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System (NADAMS) and internalised the monitoring of irrigation infrastructure at Central Water Commission.

The satellites designed by ISRO, which are currently in operation, to support these services and applications, include Resourcesat-2, Resourcesat-2A, RISAT-1, Cartosat-1, Kalpana-1, INSAT-3D and INSAT-3DR..


  • To provide multispectral images for inventory and management of natural resources, Crop production forecast, wasteland inventory, Land & Water Resources development, and Disaster Management Support.


  • To provide high resolution images for Cartographic mapping, Stereo data for Topographic Mapping & DEM, and host of DEM Applications – Contour, Drainage network, etc.


  • To provide all weather imaging capability useful for agriculture, particularly paddy and jute monitoring in kharif season and management of natural disasters.


  • To provide meteorological data to enable weather forecasting services.


  • Designed for enhanced meteorological observations, including vertical profile of the atmosphere in terms of temperature and humidity for improved weather forecasting and disaster warning.


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