Saurauia Punduana recorded in Manipur


  • Critically endangered plant species named Saurauia Punduana recorded for first time in Manipur’s Tamenglong district.

About Saurauia Punduana

  • Flowers of Saurauia Punduana turn white to pink on maturity.

    Saurauia Punduana recorded in Manipur
    (HT Photo/Sourced)
  • Petals are pink, ovate to obovate curled at the tip. Its fruits are spherical shining white, and are used in veterinary medicine.
  • The native range of this species is from Bhutan to Southeastern Tibet.

Other key species in the survey

  • A total of 103 avian species (100 resident and three migratory) belonging to 34 families have also been recorded.
  • The vulnerable species are the Rufous-necked hornbill (Aceros nipalensis), Slender-billed babbler (Turdoides longirostris), and Grey-sided thrush (Turdus feae), while two endemic bird species are Grey sibia (Heterophasia gracilis) and Darjeeling Woodpecker (Dendrocopos darjellensis), the survey added.
  • At least 82 species of butterfly (Lepidoptera) have been recorded and identified up to species level from five families, which includes two very rare species. White Dragon tail Lamproptera curious and Green Dragon tail Lamproptera meges.
  • The presence of highly endemic reptile species such as Cherrapunji Keelback hebius xenura, which itself is another record documentation for the first time in the state and flying lizard Draco species and Lepidoptera species.

Source: Hindustantimes

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