Scientists develop high-quality graphene from soybean

  • Scientists from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have made world’s strongest material graphene commercially more viable by using soybean.
  • They have developed a novel “GraphAir” technology which eliminates the need for such a highly-controlled environment.
  • Previously, graphene was grown in a highly-controlled environment with explosive compressed gases, requiring long hours of operation at high temperatures and extensive vacuum processing. 
  • The technology grows graphene film in ambient air with a natural precursor, making its production faster and simpler. 
  • Soybean oil breaks down into a range of carbon building units when heat is applied. It makes it essential for the synthesis of graphene films.
  • This ambient-air process for graphene fabrication is fast, simple, safe, potentially scalable, and integration friendly.

Graphene & Applications:

  • The potential applications of graphene include water filtration and purification, renewable energy, sensors, personalised healthcare and medicine, to name a few.
  • Graphene has excellent electronic, mechanical, thermal and optical properties as well.
  • Its uses range from improving battery performance in energy devices, to cheaper solar panels.

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