Seed Ball Technique


  • Odisha’s Anthagarh forest division has started casting seed bomb inside diferent reserve forest area to enrich food stock for wild elephants to prevent man elephant conflict.
  • On the eve of World Elephant Day 2020 the MOEFCC has launched a portal on human elephant conflicts surakshya.

Key Details

  • Villegers who bear the brunt of elephant attack have come forward ti prepare bamboo seed balls and scatter them in 38 reserve forests under Athagarh forests. 
  • Athagarh forest is one of worst hit areas as far as man elephant conflict.
  • Elephants frequently raid village coming under Athagarh and khuntuni range and damage standing paddy crops, forest trees and vegetables plants.

Back to Basics

Seed bomb

  • a seed bomb is little bar generally made of combination of compost, clay and seed.
  • It is used for revegetation and reforestation of fragile ecosystem.
  • Seed bombs are sprayed using aerial device like helicopter and drones known as aerial seeding.

Source: The Hindu

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