Shaheed Gram Vikas Yojana

  • The Jharkhand state government launched the ‘Shaheed Gram Vikas Yojana’ to develop villages of freedom fighters.
  • It was launched from Ulihatu Village, birth place of freedom fighter Birsa Munda.
  • These villages had remained inaccessible for long time after Independence because of Left-wing extremism.
  • Under the scheme, villages of many tribal freedom fighters will be developed and their habitants will be provided with basic amenities.
  • The concerned villages have remained inaccessible for a long time after Independence because of Left-wing extremism.
  • The current scheme will now provide the inhabitants of the Ulihatu village with 136 pucca houses.
  • The pucca houses will include two rooms, a verandah, bathroom and a toilet each.

Who is Birsa Munda?

  • Birsa Munda was a freedom fighter, religious leader, and folk hero who belonged to the Munda tribe from Chhotanagpur area
  • He is known for leading Munda rebellion towards end of 19th century against British Raj.
  • Munda rebellion began in the year 1895 to revolt against British administration interference in tribal politics and their religious matters
  • Birsa Munda was a master at Guerilla Warfare techniques.
  • He launched various surprise attacks in which many police officials were killed
  • The Britishers were able to arrest Birsa Munda on Mar 3, 1900.
  • He was sentenced to death but he died beforehand inside the jail due to cholera.


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