Shri Piyush Goyal, launches Web Portal for Star Rating of Major Mineral Mines-PIB

The star rating will be based on the following parameters:
Ø      Scientific and systematic mining to mitigate environmental impact.
Ø      Addressing social impacts of resettlement and rehabilitation of mining affected people.
Ø      Local community engagements and welfare programmes for socio-economic development of local community.
Ø      Progressive and final mine closure to ensure for restoration of mined out land in better conditions then original.
Ø      Adoption of international standards for mining operations and reporting.

The main advantages of the Star Rating of Mines will be:
Ø      Comprehensive mitigation of environmental impacts on land, air and water by mining activities.
Ø      Collation of various technical, environmental and social data of the mining sector at one platform by IBM, which would be utilised to enable better management and monitoring of the compliance of various conditions laid down by statutory authorities for mining.
Ø      In addressing cumulative impacts in mining areas through coordinated and collective action in the long run by helping in formulation of Comprehensive Regional Plans’- a robust Environment &Social Management framework.
Ø      Availability of the information on mining as well as the conservation activities in public domain to enable greater transparency to enable effective participation of stakeholder and speedy resolution of conflicts.
Ø      Reduced delays in obtaining various clearances (environmental, forest, mining plan, etc.) for mines. Self-certification to be allowed for the approvals for scheme of mining.
Ø      The progressive and final mine closures will be monitored to ensure that the lessee leaves the area after proper management of any adverse impact over the mined area.
Ø      Encourage adoption of highest standards and sharing and good practices.

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