Silver Pomfret the state fish of Maharashtra


  • The Maharashtra government recently declared the silver pomfret as the state fish amid reports of its declining numbers in the region.

About Silver Pomfret

  • The state government’s move will enable the department to work towards the conservation of the fish, locally known as paplet or sarangi.

    Silver Pomfret the state fish of Maharashtra
    Courtesy: Hindustan Times
  • The GR quoted a report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which stated that the population and catch of the silver pomfret is declining in Maharashtra.
  • Due to its popularity, fishing of silver pomfret is taking place prematurely.
  • The reason silver pomfret is so popular in coastal Maharashtrian cuisine is its taste and ease of cooking; when cooked properly, it has a soft, buttery taste.

Back to Basics

  • Maharashtra already has mango as the state fruit, giant squirrel as the state animal, Jarul as the state flower, and yellow-footed green pigeon as the state bird.
  • With the latest announcement, the silver-skinned fish native to the coastal areas of South and South East Asia and the Middle East, has been added to the list.

Source: Hindustan Times

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