Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV)


  • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has completed the design for the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV).

About SSLV:

  • SSLV or the ‘baby rocket’ will provide on-demand access to space, with the rocket assembly taking a mere 15 days and minimum personnel to do it.
  • It will be used exclusively for small satellites such as nanosats and cubesats.
  • The payload capacity of the SSLV will be 500-700 kilograms in the Lower Earth Orbit (LEO), less than one-third the weight the PLSV can carry.
  • It has three stage solid propulsion system, and like the PSLV and GSLV, can accommodate multiple satellites, albeit smaller ones.
  • Currently, small satellites are being piggybacked on the bigger ones launched using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicles (PSLV) and the Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle (GSLV).
  • Unlike the PSLV and GSLV, the SSLV can be assembled both vertically and horizontally.

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