Speaker wants a new building to house Parliament-Prelims 2016

  • India needs a new Parliament building as the current one is in great “distress,” according to Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan in a proposal to the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD).
  • In her letter, Ms. Mahajan has said that a structure more spacious and technologically advanced than the current one should be built either within the Parliament building or outside it across the Rajpath.
  • Citing the reasons for having a new building, Ms. Mahajan has said that the Lok Sabha seats are likely to increase after 2026 “in accordance with the provisions of the explanation to clause (3) Article 81 of the Constitution.” Since the current building has the capacity for 550 members, there is no space left for more members.
  • The number of Lok Sabha seats can only go up if the country’s population increases to a degree where the Article 81 becomes applicable.
  • The Article 81 commands balancing the representation of people in Parliament on the basis of the population recorded by the last census.
  • This is not the first time that this has been proposed. Former Speaker Meira Kumar too proposed a change of venue and had constituted a committee to look into the matter.

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