Species in News: Forest Owlet


  • The owl conservation efforts of a non-profit at a core area inside Maharashtra’s Melghat Tiger Reserve came into question over the conservation of the endemic forest owlet and other owl species.

Key Details

  • The species was thought to be extinct for over 100 years until it was rediscovered in 1997.

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About Forest Owlet

  • endemic to the forests of central India
  • IUCN- endangered
  • Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972- Schedule-1
  • strongly diurnal, which means it is active during the day and hunts in daylight.
  • Colour banding is a standard technique used all over the world for identifying individual birds.

 Seven species of owls:

  • Spotted owlet
  • Jungle owlet
  • Indian Scoops
  • Indian Eagle-owl
  • Mottled wood owl
  • Brown Fish owl
  • Barn owl

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