Species in News: Kazi 106 F-Kaziranga’s Golden Tiger


  • ‘Kazi 106F’, described as the country’s only Golden Tiger, has emerged as the social media sensation right after its picture tweeted by an IFS officer went viral.

About Golden Tiger

  • Kazi 106 F, the tigress, resides in world heritage Kaziranga National Park of Assam.
  • It is also known as ‘Tabby tiger’ or ‘Strawberry tiger’.
  • The skin of tigers is orange-yellow with black stripes and whitish abdominal region.
  • The yellowish background is controlled by a set of ‘agouti genes’ and their alleles and the black colour stripes are controlled by ‘tabby genes’ and their alleles. Suppression of any of these genes may lead to colour variation in tiger.
  • An agouti gene interacts with the pigment cells to produce yellow to red or brown to black expression.
  • This interaction is responsible for making distinct light and dark bands in the hairs of animals such as the agouti here same is happening in our tigress – Kazi 106 F.

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