Start Afresh for UPSC-2017

Hello Aspirants, How are you all?  Hope Prelims-2016 exam is went well. Those who are not fully satisfied regarding their prelims attempt, its our request to not to loose your hope. Start afresh, start with a good / proper plan of where you lack, where your plan went wrong, where you have stand. Do not stop now!! Continue to work on yourself and your dream. Do not look for others to hold your heart, take your hand or have your back. You are responsible for your own life and for creating your own path. Commit to move out of your own way. Stop procrastinating or waiting for someone to rescue you.
  • Be clear about who you can count on and who you must count out. Make adjustments and surround yourself with positive energy, people and thoughts. Great things take time, effort and sacrifice!! Keep looking up and moving forward with the end in mind. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!!

  • Those who have confident about qualifying Prelims-2016 can make a good plan for Mains exam and atleast try to cover the syllabus twice. read your basic notes, monthly current affairs booklet, finish your optional at an early, read yojana magazines (Must for Essay), listen to Rajya Sabha-The Big Picture (All Question will surely come from the discussed issues only not news).  
We will soon launch our new site, for the time being we are only posting what is relevant to you for the upcoming mains exam. In our new site we will add lot of new features which will surely boost your UPSC preparation for the year 2017.

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