• The world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile BrahMos was successfully test fired from Indian Air Force’s (IAF) Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jet for the first time.
  • The missile was gravity dropped from Su-30MKI from its fuselage and two-stage missile’s engine fired up and was propelled towards the intended target in Bay of Bengal.

About BrahMos Missile

  • The 2.5-ton BrahMos-ALCM (air-launched cruise missile) “can also easily go over 400-km”, like its 2.9-ton land and ship-launched variants already inducted into the armed forces.
  • The BrahMos missile combined with the Sukhoi-30MKI fighter, which has a cruising range of 3,200-km or a combat radius of about 1,500-km without mid-air refuelling, constitutes a decidedly deadly weapons package.
  • The conventional (non-nuclear) weapon, for instance, can target Chinese aircraft carriers and other warships, or block Pakistan’s Gwadar port by sinking a few ships in the harbour for that matter.
  • The world-class BrahMos is now capable of being launched from the land, sea and air, completing the tactical cruise missile triad for India.
  • The missile’s capability coupled with the Sukhoi-30Mki’s superlative performance gives IAF a strategic reach and allows it to dominate the ocean and the battle-fields.
  • BrahMos committed to continue providing the world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile to the Army, Navy and IAF.

Source: TH & Wiki

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