Sundarban Bird Festival


  • Birders, wildlife enthusiasts and forest officials have sighted 145 different bird species during the first Sundarban Bird Festival.

  • The first-ever festival was organised by the Sundarban Tiger Reserve (STR).

Key Details

  • Among the threatened species, Eurasian Curlew was spotted. Birders were able to spot seven of the nine species of kingfishers found in the Sundarbans. 

    Sundarban Bird Festival
    Source: The Hindu
  • In terms of species diversity, Kalash 2 inside the STR yielded 98 species, followed by National Park West (70 species) and Malta 5 (71).
  • A publication by Zoological Survey of India, (ZSI) in 2021, had recorded 428 bird species in the Sundarbans which is one-third of all the avian species found in the country.
  • Part of the migratory routes of the Central Asian Flyway.

Source: TH

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