Sundarbans: Bon Bibi


  • What a centuries-old folk theatre form, Bon Bibi’r Palagaan, unique to the Sundarban islands in West Bengal tells us about human fragility, survival and surrender in the tide country.

Bon Bibi:

  • Bonbibi is a unique deity who brings together Hindus and Muslims residing in Bengal’s Sunderbans.
  • The followers of Bon Bibi are fishermen, crab-collectors and honey-gatherers who live in the mangroves with wild animals such as tigers and crocodiles to earn a livelihood.
  • They believe that only Bon Bibi protects them when they enter the forest.
  • People express their belief in Bon Bibi is through Bon Bibi’r Palagaan.

Bon Bibi’r Palagaan:

  • It is a centuries-old folk theatre and dramatic storytelling form that is enacted throughout the island.
  • Traditionally, the performances are held near Bon Bibi temples or villages bordering the forests,

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