Tachymenoides harrisonfordi new snake species


  • Recently, researchers from Germany, the United States and Peru have discovered species of snake named as Tachymenoides harrisonfordi to recognize the Hollywood actor’s Harrison Ford, the environmental advocacy.

About Tachymenoides harrisonfordi

  • Ford’s namesake snake measures 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) in length and is yellowish-brown with scattered black blotches, a black belly and a vertical streak over its copper-colored eye.
Tachymenoides harrisonfordi
Photo Credit: UsaToday
  • The new species, named Tachymenoides harrisonfordi after the actor, was discovered in the Andes mountains in Peru.
  • The only specimen, a male, was discovered sunbathing in a marsh in the Peruvian Andes located some 3,248 meters above sea level.
  • It is not harmful to humans.
  • Researchers from Peru and the U.S. discovered the reptile – one male snake – in May 2022, sun-basking in a swamp within the Otishi National Park area in Peru’s Andes, said Conservation International.
  • It is pale yellowish-brown and has black blotches scattered on its skin, a black belly, and a vertical streak over its copper-colored eye, allowing it to camouflage itself in its surroundings.
  • It feeds on a diet of lizards and frogs.
  • This is the third animal species to be named after Ford. Earlier, an ant (Pheidole harrisonfordi) and a spider (Calponia harrisonfordi) were named after him.
  • The slender snake is his first reptile namesake.

Source: IE

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