Teachers play an important role in nation building

  • Teachers have been given respect and honour in our culture.
  • The word ‘guru’ means ‘source of light’ and the duty of the teacher is not only to educate the students, but also to make them enriched. They not only have to fill the word knowledge in the minds of students, but also to teach the ethics, commitment, selflessness and even the lesson of awareness.
  • in today’s changing environment, when education is being more commercialized, it is necessary for teachers to give more emphasis in the formation of their character besides providing education to the students.
  • Mahatma Gandhi as saying “If there is no good character from education, then there is no value for education for such knowledge.
  • Usage of mother tongue is very important in the education. Mother tongue is the most accessible and simple language for any person. In mother tongue we can express our views more easily and more affectively.
  • The downfall in female literacy rate has a direct impact on India’s growth, because it affects every area of development. If women remain uneducated, then it will have a direct and negative impact on the efforts made to control the country’s growing population.

Source:PIB (Speech of Vice President)

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