The Centre’s role in J&K

  • The Centre must review actions by security forces that unfairly stifle ordinary life, such as cordon-and-search operations, restrictions on access to orchards during the fruit harvesting season, and suspension of Internet services.
  • Second, it must act to rebuild the ceasefire on the border with Pakistan, and discuss the issue at a bilateral level.
  • At the same time, it must be alert to all attempts at subverting the cease-ops initiative, which could come from Pakistan or from vested interests within J&K.
  • Finally, the government should get its message out on its vision for a longer-term resolution to reverse alienation amid a polarised debate in sections of the media on the value of the ceasefire, which adds to the sense of anxiety in Kashmir.
  • A window of opportunity has been created.
  • The need now is to move quickly and seize it.


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