The GSAT-11

  • The GSAT-11 with its lift-off mass of about 5600 Kg is the heaviest communication spacecraft to be launched in the year 2017.
  • GSAT-11 is planned to be launched using Ariane-5 launch vehicle.
  • GSAT-11 is a multi-beam satellite with 32 user beams and 8 hub beams operating over India in Ka/Ku bands employing frequency reuse technique.
  • It will provide higher capacity for interactive applications using VSAT terminals compared to older generation three tonne INSAT/GSAT spacecrafts.
  • GSAT-11 will provide much faster uplinks for a host of communications and broadcasting services, including direct-to-home (DTH television).
  • With a dry mass of 2.1 tonne, the spacecraft will provide 10 GHz of bandwidth, which will be equivalent to about 220 transponders of 36 MHz.
  • The advanced satellite will employ a new I-6K satellite bus. It will be configured with two-sided large solar array panels generating 11 KW of power.

Source: PIB & Wiki

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