The Hindu Important Articles-10th January 2021

The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC

IAS Abhiyan Present’s The Hindu Important Articles for UPSC: 10th January 2020

An Initiative to provide all The Hindu Important Articles to be followed / read. This initiative will cover section / paper wise important The Hindu Important Articles as per UPSC CSE Syllabus to enable all the aspirants to identify the important article (s) to read / make notes. All the compilations of The Hindu Important Articles will be covered in our Monthly Pre-Bits Flash Liner-One Liner Current Affairs  & Monthly Current Affairs Digest (CAD). Those aspirants who don’t have access to the physical copy of the newspaper may use this page as an alternative. However, we recommend to subscribe the Yearly Package of THE HINDU as per your convenience. All the given below links were taken from the Hindu and posted herein for educational purpose only. 

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History, Indian Art & Culture-GS Paper 1

  • Kalaripayattu academy braces for action 
  • TTD cancels Arjitha seva rituals on January 15

Social Issues-GS Paper 1

  • No Article Today

Constitution, Polity and Governance- GS Paper 2

  • Vaccination drive to start on January 16 
  • AAP govt. looking for students to play role of ‘wetland mitras’ 
  • ‘Ken-Betwa link soon’ 
  • Toy making cluster to be set up in Koppal 
  • SPICe+ 
  • The logistics of a massive vaccination drive

Social Justice: Education, Health and Human Resource-GS Paper 2

  • ‘Indian vaccines ready to save humanity’

International Relations-GS Paper 2

  • ‘Malé makes no apology for ties with India’ Pg – 09
  • Ousting Trump

Indian Economic Development-GS Paper 3

  • FinMin drafts model tender to ease purchases 

Science and Technology- GS Paper 3

  • Experts want strict vigil on bird flu in Kerala
  • ‘A vaccine is a vaccine … regulators never approve a back-up’ 
  • New challenges for COVID-19 vaccine trials in India 
  • Bacterial haute couture 
  • How old is the universe? 
  • Identical twins aren’t perfect clones, study shows 
  • Harnessing what Einstein called spooky ‘action at a distance’ 
  • Unchanging crocs 
  • The threat posed by avian influenza
  • 17 hours in air, women crew flying into history 

Biodiversity and Environment- GS Paper 3

  • Drop in visitors at Bannerghatta park

Security: Internal and External- GS Paper 3

  • No Articles Today

Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude-GS Paper 4

  • No Articles Today

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