Buddhist site of Thotlakonda


  • Recently, a group of heritage enthusiasts recently gathered, to celebrate World Heritage Day at  the ancient Buddhist site of Thotlakonda in Visakhapatnam.

About Thotlakonda

  • A partial excavation of the site by the State Archaeology Department (1988-1992) found ancient pottery such as tan ware, black red ware, coins from the Satavahana period and Roman coins, labels with Brahmi inscriptions, inscribed Chhatra pieces, terracotta and glass beads, bangles, stuccos and stone sculptural remains at the site.
  • It gave a clear indication that the area housed remnants of a flourishing monastery, practising Hinayana Buddhism, which was most active for 400 years from 200 BCE to 200 CE.
  • The site is home to birds and raptors like the white-bellied sea eagle, Indian rock eagle, Indian spotted eagle, black-shouldered kite, and common kestrel.

Source: The Hindu

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