Three new sites recognised as biodiversity hotspots in Goa

  • BirdLife International, a conservation organisation, has recognised three new sites in Goa as hotspots for protection.
  • The sites have been added to their list of “Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas”.
  • Now, seven areas in Goa have been termed important biodiversity areas by BirdLife.
  • Goa earlier had four recognised biodiversity areas: Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park, Carambolim Wetlands, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary and Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • The list has now added Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Navelim Wetlands and Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • The extent of Carambolim Wetland has been increased to include the fragile ecosystem of Dhado, which has recently become a wintering ground for many species of migratory birds.

Navelim Wetlands:

  1. Situated in Goa.
  2. It was primarily a marsh land with paddy fields bordered by mangrove growth that is under the local community’s control.
  3. It was important to highlight the significance of this area for conservation on a global platform.
  • Declaring a site as an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area does not ensure that the site gets legal protection or becomes inaccessible to people.
  • Instead BirdLife International encourages national and State governments to recognise the areas as sites of vital importance for conservation of wildlife and to empower local community-based conservation initiatives.

Source:The Hindu

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