Three new species of fish of genus Aborichthys


  • The Department of Zoology of Dera Natung Government College of Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh has discovered three new species of fish of genus Aborichthys of family Nemachelidae, according to a recent report.

About the new species of fish of genus Aborichthys

  • They have been named Aborichthys uniobarensis, Aborichthys barapensis and Aborichthys palinensis.

    new species of fish of genus Aborichthys
    Credit; DTE
  • The three fish species are distributed in streams like Senki, Barap and Palin, which are the tributaries of Brahmaputra river system.

About Genus Aborichthys

  • Aborichthys is an elongate and slender-bodied bottom dwelling freshwater stone loach that inhabits the moderate-to-fast flowing water of mountain rivers, streams and drainages of the Brahmaputra river basin.
  • They are freshwater, benthic (bottom-dwelling) fish.
  • The species is characterised by narrow oblique bars on the body.
  • It is endemic to the eastern Himalayas. 
  • Eastern Himalaya is endemic to more than 20 per cent fauna of India, including the fish species.
  • These species are vulnerable to climate change as it leads to their habitat alteration.
  • Previously, 11 species of the genus Aborichthys were discovered in the Eastern Himalayan region across a century, starting from the early 1900s.
  • Besides, three of them were outside Arunachal Pradesh — in Bhutan, Meghalaya and West Bengal.

Source: DTE

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