TIGR2ESS is a new, large-scale, multi-partner project that aims to define the requirements for a second, more sustainable Green Revolution, and to deliver this through a suite of research programmes, training workshops and educational activities. This will draw together a formidable network of partners from research, industry, government and NGO’s in the UK and India.


  • The empowerment of women farmers by helping them to increase agricultural income.
  • To ensure that state resources and services, and knowledge, are equally accessible to women.
  • Promotion of crops of millets for human food that is mainly used as animal feed in India. These crops have better nutrient balance and are more climate-resilient than the preferred staples like wheat. And find ways to increase the value of such crops.
  • To bring together science and social science to drive interventions that work for Indian farmers and their communities.
  • Addressing crop productivity and water use in India and to identify crops and farming practices for different climatic regions.
  • To deliver sustainable practices and improve food security, whilst promoting equal opportunities and enhancing nutrition and health for rural communities across different regions and climatic zones in India.


  • This will help in minimizing food wastage and proper utilization of India’s limited resources.
  •  This will promote equal treatment to women in farming as given by right to equality in our constitution.
  •  Will help in minimizing the cases of malnutrition and overweight cases.4) Will help in increasing farmer’s income and stopping the cases of farmer suicide to the debt trap.
  • It is ironical that India having large agricultural and land is unable to help its farmers from suicide and increasing malnutrition. A large quantity of food that can be used to feed hungry mouths is rotted in the public procurement system. If all resources are utilized with well planning, the cases of suicide and malnutrition will be eliminated from our country. TIGR2ESS will help India in realizing its full potential.

Source:The Wire

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