Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal, and other Authorities Rules, 2020


  • Recently, the Union Ministry of Finance framed a new set of rules called the Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal, and other Authorities (Qualifications, Experience and other Conditions of Service of Members) Rules, 2020 that prescribe uniform norms for the appointment and service conditions of members to various tribunals.
  • The new rules have been framed by the government as the previous Rules of 2017 were struck down by the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in November 2019 in the case Rojer Mathew vs South Indian Bank.

Back to Basics:

About Tribunal

  • A quasi-judicial institution that is set up to deal with problems such as resolving administrative or tax-related disputes.
  • Performs a number of functions like adjudicating disputes, determining rights between contesting parties, making an administrative decision, reviewing an existing administrative decision and so forth.
  • Not part of the original constitution,
  • Incorporated in the Indian Constitution by 42nd Amendment Act, 1976.
    • Article 323-A deals with Administrative Tribunals.
    • Article 323-B deals with tribunals for other matters.

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