Two new dog-faced bat species discovered

  • The dog-faced bats are a fast-flying, insectivorous species that are highly difficult to spot. Scientists have only recorded six species so far, but now an international team of scientists has succeeded in recognising two more species of these bats.
  • Named Cynomops freemani — in honour of Dr. Patricia W. Freeman, a scientist who studied bats — these tiny bats with a wing span of just 4 cm were found in the Canal Zone region of Panama. The bat is reddish-brown to dark chocolate brown in colour with silky short fur.
  • The second species named Cynomops tonkigui (tonkigui means bat in Waorani,a language spoken by the natives of Ecuador) was found in the eastern Andes of Ecuador and Colombia. It has a dark cinnamon brown colour and is about the same size as Cynomops freemani.


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