Unorganised Workers Identification Number


  • The Centre has started work to create a national database and Aadhaar-seeded identification number system to facilitate welfare delivery to 40 crore workers in the sector.

Unorganised Workers Identification Number:

  • The Union Ministry of Labour has called for tenders to design, develop and run the new UWIN — Unorganised Workers Identification Number — Platform. In December 2017
  • The Unorganised Workers Social Security Act, 2008 had first mandated that every worker be registered and issued a smart ID card.
  • According to the notice, the “single unified sanitised database” will assign a ten-digit UWIN to every worker and include details of both nuclear and extended families of unorganised workers.
  • The Centre will create and maintain the platform and it is up to the states to identify and register unorganized workers
  • The Socio-Economic and Caste Census 2011 will be used as the base for the platform, and other worker databases — from the states as well as other Central ministries such as Textiles and Health — will also be incorporated into UWIN
  • The Unorganised Workers Social Security Act, 2008 had first mandated that every worker be registered and issued a smart ID card

Aadhaar mandatory for entitlements

  • Although the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on the legitimacy of making Aadhaar mandatory for entitlements, the entire UWIN platform is built around Aadhaar. “It is envisioned to have backend Aadhaar linkage to the UWIN number for the purpose of having an authenticated database.
  • Those who have enrolled for Aadhaar but have not yet received it can provisionally enrol themselves into the UWIN system with their Aadhaar Enrollment ID. However, it is only when they are able to link Aadhaar with their dataset at a later stage that they will actually be assigned a UWIN number.

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