Updates on Prelim-cum-Mains Integrated Programme-2019

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GS Paper-1 Test Series-2018

  1. Test-1 (Environment)
  2. Test-2 (June 2017 Current Affairs)
  3. Test-3 (Indian Geography)
  4. Test-4 (Environmental Conventions/Acts/Policies/Organisations etc)
  5. Test-5 (July 2017 Current Affairs)
  6. Test-6 (Ancient & Medieval Indian History)
  7. Test-7 (August 2017 Current Affairs)
  8. Test-8 (Indian Polity Part-1)
  9. Test-9 (Indian Polity)
  10. Test-10 (September-2017 Current Affairs)
  11. Test-11 (Based on World Geography)
  12. Test-12 (Based on October-2017 Current Affairs)
  13. Test-13 (Art & Culture)
  14. Test-14 (November-2017 Current Affairs)
  15. Test-15 (Modern Indian History)
  16. Test-16 (December-2017 Current Affairs)
  17. Test-17 (International Groupings & Reports/Indices)
  18. Test-18 (Government Schemes)
  19. Test-19 (Economics)
  20. Test-20 (January-2018 Current Affairs)
  21. Test-21 (February-2018 Current Affairs)
  22. Test-22 (India Year Book-2018)
  23. Test-23 (March-2018 Current Affairs)
  24. Test-24 (Union Budget 2018-19 & Economic Survey 2017-18)
  25. Test-25 (April-2018 Current Affairs)

GS Paper-1 Test Series-2019

  1. Test-1 (Based on Indian Polity)
  2. Test-2 (Based on May-2018 Current Affairs)
  3. Test-3 (Based on June-2018 Current Affairs)
  4. Test-4 (Based on Environment, Ecology)
  5. Test-5 (Based on July-2018 Current Affairs)

Monthly Current Affairs

For Prelims-2019

  1. June-2017
  2. July-2017
  3. August-2017
  4. September-2017
  5. October-2017
  6. November-2017
  7. December-2017
  8. January-2018
  9. February-2018
  10. March-2018
  11. April-2018
  12. May-2018
  13. June-2018
  14. July-2018

For Mains

  1. June-2017
  2. July-2017
  3. August-2017
  4. September-2017
  5. October-2017
  6. November-2017
  7. December-2017
  8. January-2018
  9. February-2018
  10. March-2018
  11. April-2018

Standard Notes/Compilations

NCERT/NIOS Compilations:

  1. Science-Class 7/8/9/10
  2. Social Science-Class-6-10
  3. Art & Culture-NIOS, Indian Art Form, Literature & Architecture (2 Parts) (Notes from CCRT has been included in 2nd Parts), Living Craft Traditions in India-Class-XI NCERT
  4. History-Class-8 (2 Parts), Tamilnadu History-Class 11/12, Class-12th (2 Parts) {3rd Part is not required), Spectrum Modern Indian History Short Notes, Ancient & Medieval History Short Notes, Modern Indian History by Bipan Chandra, Terms used in History
  5. Environment-Shankar IAS Environment Notes, India Physical Environment-Class-XI, Biosphere Reserve, Elephant Reserve, Environment Conventions/Organisations, Environment Laws & Policies, Environmental Chapter from NCERT Science, Env. Notes from Ministry of Environment Website, Environmental Chemistry-Class-XI, National Parks In India, Class XII-Biology(Last 4 Chapters), Protected Endangered & lesser Known Species In India, Sanctuaries In India, Tiger Reserve in India, Eastern Ghats, Western Ghats
  6. Indian Polity-M.Laxmikanth (5th Edition) Compilations, Indian Constitution at Work-Class-11, Democratic Politics-II-Class-X
  7. World History-Complete Compilations
  8. Geography– Class-VI-XII, Majid Husain (Only Important 10 Chapters), World Geography, G.C.leong
  9. Indian Society-Social Problems in India by Ram Ahuja NCERT
  10. Economy-India, People & Economy-Class-XII, Indian Economic Development-XI, Introductory Macro & Micro Economics-XII, Understanding Economic Development-X
  11. World Heritage Sites
  12. Ramsar Sites in India
  13. International Organisations (3 Parts)
  14. E-Governance
  15. Panchayati Raj System
  16. Development Process & Industry, Role of NGOs
  17. Civil Service & Democracy
  18. Indian Diaspora
  19. International Groupings
  20. Health-Infant & Maternal Mortality, Issues Related to Social Justice-Health
  21. Pressure Groups in India
  22. Salient Features of RPA.
  23. NCERT Geography (New Edition)-Class-VI-X
  24. All Government Schemes
  25. Fact Sheets on Diseases from WHO

Upcoming Monthly Current Affairs/Standard Notes in September-2018

Monthly Current Affairs for Mains:

  • May-2018
  • June-2018
  • July-2018
  • August-2018

Topic for Prelims-2019

  • August-2018

Standard Notes-2019

  • GS Paper-3 Static Notes

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