Varanasi to get Heritage Walk around Kabir Chaura; 86 sites to be developed under HRIDAY

  • Ministry of Urban Development has approved projects worth Rs.114 cr under Heritage Infrastructure Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY) for improving infrastructure facilities around core heritage sites in five cities of Varnasi, Amritsar, Dwaraka, Puri and Warangal.

What has been Laid Out:

  • An investment of Rs.13.25 cr has been approved for Varanasi for ‘Developing a Heritage Walk around Kabir Chaura and Piplani Katra at a cost of Rs.2.50 cr and developing required infrastructure at 86 historical sites scattered across the city.
  • Kabir Chaura is known as the home of renowned musicians like Kishan Maharaj, Gop Krishan, Samta Prasad and Rajan and Sajan Mishra brothers.
  • Access roads and gallis leading to 86 heritage sites in the city will be improved.
  • Façade improvement, provision of on route amenities and signages, site development etc., will be undertaken.
  • These heritage sites include temples, residences of famous personalities, kunds, parks and palaces.

For Amritsar

  • Nine heritage infrastructure related projects have been approved for implementation.

These include:

  • Comprehensive road development and upgradation of 21 major roads leading to the Golden Temple to address congestion improving Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama,
  • revitalization of historical 40 ‘Khoo’ (Wells) by providing necessary infrastructure,
  • improving connectivity, street and landscape at Gol Bagh, providing a mobility corridor along outer and inner circular roads,
  • providing interpretative signages with censors, refitting and upgradation of colonial era building i.e Deputy Commissioner’s Office that was damaged in a fire,
  • development of an Environmental Park at UBDC canal and development of public plaza along southern edge of Rambagh Garden.

In Puri

  • Five projects with an investment will be undertaken for revitalization of different heritage zones.

These include,

  • landscape development of Shri Jagannath Ballabh Temple ,
  • retrofitting of building facades along Parikrama Marg of the temple ,
  • improvements at Bada Odiya Matha and Ganga Mata Matha ,
  • landscape development along the River Front of Athanarla  and revival of seven Jagagharas and Ponds. there are 60 Jagagharas and Akharas in Puri which are over 400 year old and were centres of learning music and martial arts.

The Fort of Warangal in Telangana State

  • Access routes, pathways and entry points will be developed,
  • revival of water bodies and setting up of a sewage treatment plant would be undertaken ,
  • public amenities at North Gate and Srungarapu Bavi (well) ,
  • landscaping along access routes and
  • illumination of North Gate, access routes and other areas.

In Dwaraka, Gujarat, Dwarakadhish Temple Square

  • Facilities will be provided for pedestrian pathway, surface improvement of roads, adding green elements, street furniture, lighting, signages, dustbins, space for vendors etc.
  • The main Processional Street (Darshan Path) will be improve by providing parking spaces, pedestrian pathway, public amenities block, repairing o0f Iskcon gate, lighting and signages etc.


  • HRIDAY is a Central Scheme for which Central Assistance of Rs.500 cr has been provisioned till March,2017.
  • Twelve cities have been included in this mission.
  • Other cities being Amaravati (Andhra Pradesh), Badami (Karnataka), Kanchipuram and Vellankini (Tamil Naidu), Ajmer (Rajasthan), Mathura (UP) and Gaya (Bihar).

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