Nodavac-R developed by CIBA for viral nervous necrosis (VNN)


  • Recently, the Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA) in Chennai has developed an indigenous vaccine for viral nervous necrosis (VNN) affecting several fish species.

About Viral Nervous Necrosis (VNN)

  • Viral Nervous Necrosis is a serious viral disease affecting many marine, brackishwater and freshwater fishes resulting in 100% mortality in larval and early juvenile stages.

  • The disease is caused by nervous necrosis virus (NNV). Viral Nervous Necrosis
  • Red-spotted grouper nervous necrosis virus (RGNNV) is the only genotype prevalent in India and most other tropical countries. Infected adults remain as carriers and transmit the virus to offspring through eggs.
  • The practical way to control the disease and prevent vertical transmission is to vaccinate fingerlings and adult fish.

About Nodavac-R

  • The new vaccine, Nodavac-R, developed by CIBA can be injected to fingerlings.
  • The vaccine is safe and efficacious and can be used in all species susceptible to VNN such as milkfish, grey mullet, mangrove red snapper etc.
  • It was the first vaccine to be released for aquaculture in India and it would prevent VNN in fish hatcheries and bring down the incidence of VNN in grow-out farms.

Source : The Hindu

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