Voice over New Radio (VoNR)


  • Voice over 5G, also known as Voice over New Radio (VoNR), is probably the future of voice calling.

About Voice over New Radio (VoNR)

  • This standard allows voice calls over 5G networks instead of the current standard that uses 4G.
  • In simple terms, Vo5G takes all the improvements of 5G – speed, capacity, responsiveness – and applies them squarely to voice.
  • The technology isn’t just technical jargon either – it represents a shift in how mobile networks handle voice, on par with past leaps like VoLTE.
  • As carriers around the sunset older networks like LTE, Vo5G aims to have all that infrastructure and interoperability ready well in advance.

How is VoNR better than VoLTE?

  • VoNR brings clear advances over VoLTE thanks to the capabilities enabled by 5G networks.
  • With 5G’s substantially higher bandwidth and lower latency compared to 4G LTE, VoNR calls benefit in a few key areas.
  • First, call quality is better with VoNR.
  • It utilises more advanced audio codecs that provide superior clarity and fidelity based on 5G’s increased data capacity.
  • Second, call connection time should be faster with VoNR thanks to 5G’s reduced network latency.
  • Additionally, the reliability and continuity of calls should be better under VoNR.
  • There is lower packet loss, potentially leading to fewer voice cutouts.
  • Besides this, the shift to VoNR should finally end the notorious drop issues users in India often deal with when they call someone. 5G users have continued to complain about delays when they dial up someone and the phone switches from 5G to 4G to use the VoLTE standard.
  • When VoNR catches on, 4G should go dormant on phones that support 5G (at least when the network doesn’t drop to 4G), meaning no delays or drops.
Voice over New Radio
Courtesy: Huawei

When is VoNR making its way to India?

  • Voice over New Radio is not yet available in India.
  • This, even as leading carriers continue rolling out 5G across major cities.
  • Reports indicate Reliance Jio, India’s largest mobile carrier, has been testing VoNR behind the scenes.

Source: IE

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