Walk the lonely path

To reach the innermost depth of understanding and tranquillity, each one of us, as a free thinker, has to walk the lonely path to self-discovery through the noisy mind. Life in its essence does not change; it flows, as ever, with all its ups and downs. The question is: can we flow along with it in a naturally abundant, joyous, balanced state of being?

From the chaotic state of mind, we first travel the difficult distance to the state of loneliness, which for some may even be an anxiety-ridden experience. But in itself, it is the first and most promising milestone towards Self-realisation. From there begins the journey towards aloneness. Loneliness is the mirror carved out of our introspection —it reflects where we are in our journey towards the ultimate.

At the take-off stage, we are nothing more than lost particles in the vast universe, and yet, not quite so…for we are determined to find out who we are. Aloneness is that next step towards Self-realisation and then with consistent, aware evolution comes the finer state of aloneness; it keeps getting better till finally one arrives.

In aloneness, we begin to cherish our own company and in the same measure as that of the stars, the trees and the breeze. Then you want nothing, crave for nothing, desire nothing because you have everything. You have you with you and that you is life in totality itself: the ultimate. The moment of Self-realisation can happen any time. It depends upon your readiness to receive it, upon the purity of your being in everything you do.

Source:by Lavlin Thadani from TOI

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