What is magnetic cooling?

  • Physicists at the University of Basel, Switzerland, have recently succeeded in cooling a nanoelectronic chip to a temperature lower than 3 millikelvin.
  • Absolute zero is 0 kelvin or -273.15°C and the closer they get to this limit, the better the chances of conducting experiments at the quantum level and observing entirely new physical phenomena.
  • The recent cooling is the best yet achieved and for that the researchers employed a technique called magnetic cooling.
  • With this, they were able to cool the electrical connections as well as the chip itself.
  • Magnetic cooling is based on the fact that a system can cool down when an applied magnetic field is ramped down while any external heat flow is avoided.
  • Before ramping down, the heat of magnetisation needs to be removed with another method to obtain efficient magnetic cooling.

Source:Science Daily

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