Where is Devicotta?

  • Devicotta was a Maratha fort on an island in the mouth of the Coleroon River. There were once two versions for its name: Theevu-Kottai (island fort) and Devi-kottai (fort of the goddess).
  • It was 37 miles South of Pondicherry and a part of the Tanjore kingdom. The Rajah of Tanjore offered it to the British c.1747, then later reneged on his promise. Stringer Lawrence, commanding the East India Company’s army, then in Cuddalore, ordered the Fort be taken.
  • Robert Clive, a Lieutenant at the time, is said to have “particularly distinguished” himself at its storming in June 1749.
  • In 1750, Capt. Charles Hopkins, retired from the Navy, took charge of Devicotta as the Company’s first Factor. Comte de Lally then seized it from the British in 1758. Only for Eyre Coote to retrieve it in 1761.


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