Whiskey fungus or Baudoinia compniacensis


  • Black Whiskey fungus is covering cars and homes around Jack Daniel’s barrelhouses, the world’s biggest-selling brand of American whiskey.

About Whiskey fungus or Baudoinia compniacensis

  • The fungus, called Baudoinia compniacensis, feeds on alcohol vapor, the substance whiskey makers call the “angel’s share” of distilled spirits that evaporates during maturation.

    Whiskey fungus or Baudoinia compniacensis
    Courtesy: Business Insider India
  • It was first discovered around distilleries in the Cognac region of France in the 1870s and has thrived around many distilleries worldwide including in the US and Canada.
  • Whiskey fungus, or Baudoinia compniacensis, feeds on alcoholic vapours and is velvety or crust-like — it can reach one or two centimetres in thickness.
  • The fungus tends to spread to nearby surfaces, blanketing almost everything that comes in its way.
  • According to the Indiana State Department of Health, it is found across North America, Europe and Asia and thrives where fermentation occurs, like in bakeries and distilleries.
  • Baudoinia compniacensis uses the ethanolic vapour to initiate germination and to express proteins in the fungus that allow the fungus to tolerate high temperatures.
  • Researchers haven’t found any instances of health risks from short or long-term exposure to the whiskey fungus yet.
  • However, it can destroy trees and damage properties.
  • Homeowners use N95 masks, goggles and gloves while removing the whiskey fungus. It also mentioned that if the fungus is found in a private water well, the well must be disinfected.
  •  It can also colonize natural materials like rock and vegetation.

Source: IE  & Business Insider

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