Why climate change is a political and security challenge?

  • The Arctic is losing ice much faster than the Antarctic. Both ice sheets are in exponential decline, and if the trends continue, the effects will become irreversible.
  • Which is not good news because every chunk of ice lost in these regions is a few more feet of land lost to the sea, a lot more unpredictability in the ocean currents, and thus in the monsoon for us here in India.
  • Hotter summers and unpredictable cyclonic rains mean more difficult agriculture, higher food prices, and quite simply greater friction in society.
  • Inter-state displacement, increased migration into India, and even violent conflict is not a far threat from thereon.
  • Climate change isn’t a challenge for tomorrow, but a risk to our very generation.
  • Every bit we do to address it, from reforestation to changing our food habits and adopting renewable energy, is a step towards not just protecting the polar regions but towards saving our own species.


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