Yellow Leaf Disease


  • With the threat of Yellow Leaf Disease spreading to vast tracts of arecanut plantations looming large, farmers in the State’s coastal belt have now begun commercial cultivation of bamboo in a small way.

Key Details

  • Bamboo cultivation will not only be the best alternative for farmers whose plantations have been hit by Yellow Leaf Disease, its cultivation helps maintain water table. Bamboo helps preserve rainwater. Now, there are no legal hurdles to farmers taking up commercial cultivation and sale of bamboo.

    Yellow Leaf Disease
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  • Six commercially important varieties in the region. They are Bambusa balcooa (Bheema bamboo), Dendrocalamus brandisii (Burma bamboo), Bambusa nutansBambusa tulda (Bengal bamboo), Dendrocalamus asper (Giant bamboo or vegetable bamboo) and Dendrocalamus hamiltonii (Tama bamboo used for making furnitures).
  • Shoots of Dendrocalamus asper (locally called Kanile) can be harvested six times a year.
  • When commercially cultivated, by feeding fertilizers and water with weed management, the harvest can be started from the fifth year of planting.

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About Yellow leaf disease

  • Abnormal yellowing of leaf tissue is called chlorosis.
  • Leaves lack the essential green pigment chlorophyll.
  • Possible causes include poor drainage, damaged roots, compacted roots, high soil pH, and nutrient deficiencies in the plant.

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